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News | MEDx announces that 8 products have obtained CE certifications to accelerate globalization of
Aug. 05 2022
Recently, MEDx Translational Medicine (MEDx) announced that it has received CE certifications on eight self-developed companion diagnostics (CDx) products, with five related to solid tumors (Claudin18.2, PD-L1, MMR, MSI and c-MET) and three related to hematologic malignancies (pan-MPN qPCR Panel, B-cell Receptor Sequencing Panel for MRD Monitoring, BCR-ABL RT-qPCR Test) . This indicates that MEDx has taken an important step on globalization.


As a leader and total solution provider on companion diagnostics in China, MEDx is focusing on the research/development and commercialization of CDx and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) products, covering both solid tumors and hematological cancers. The company also owns a world-class team, complete product pipelines and a variety of technology platforms including but not limited to IHC, PCR and NGS. Currently, MEDx has launched the JAK2-V617F gene mutation detection kit (the first in China approved by NMPA), c-MET antibody detection kit, dMMR antibody detection kit, Claudin18.2 Antibody detection kit, pan-TRK antibody detection kit and more. Meanwhile, PD-L1 antibody detection kit is also in the application process for NMPA approval and will be approved very soon. Many products have been used in hospitals, ICLs, and clinical trials as companion diagnostics for innovative drugs..


MEDx also take great efforts in global registration and commercialization of various CDx and IVD products. Besides CE certification, FDA registration application is also in rapid progress. In the near future, more products will be launched globally for companion/auxiliary diagnostic, medication guidance, prognosis monitoring, etc.


With mutual benefits, MEDx is recruiting global partners for product commercialization. If interested, please contact us at contact@medxtmc.net.

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