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MEDx Obtained the Global Authorization of Abcam
Mar. 10 2023

 MEDx announced the expansion of global cooperation with its strategic partner Abcam (AIM:ABC; NASDAQ:ABCM). Abcam granted the international rights of the Claudin18.2 antibody to MEDx. The two parties will develop extensive cooperation on the development, registration and commercialization of Claudin18.2 companion diagnostics. This cooperation is another in-depth cooperation after the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2021. MEDx and Abcam will work together to promote the development of global companion diagnostics and in vitro diagnostics, and enabling drug development. 

Claudin18.2 is only expressed in differentiated gastric mucosal epithelial cells, but it is widely expressed in various malignant tumors such as gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. It is a good drug target and has been widely developed as monoclonal antibody, double antibody, ADC, cell therapy and other drugs. MEDx has accumulated rich experience in the development of Claudian18.2 companion diagnostics kits and clinical sample testing. Currently, there are 10+ customers in cooperation, and indications such as gastric cancer, gastric junction cancer, pancreatic cancer, and ovarian cancer have been verified.

MEDx products can support targeted therapy, immunotherapy and cell therapy, and MEDx has IHC, PCR, NGS and other mainstream product development technology platforms, and its diversified and clinical application-oriented products are accelerating to lead the diagnostic industry. MEDx has cooperated with 300+ innovative pharmaceutical companies and technology companies around the world, developed and verified hundreds of biomarkers and methodologies, and supported hundreds of drug clinical trials. Up to now, a total of 20+ products have been approved by NMPA & CE-IVD, covering solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. MEDx has more than 40 CDx/IVD product pipelines under research, 10 of which are in clinical trials.

In the future, MEDx will joinly with Abcam to help the global pharmaceutical innovation research and development and the development of companion diagnostics to benefit more patients.

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