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MEDx's Debut at 2023 Medlab Asia & Asia Health a Complete Success
Aug. 25 2023

From August 16 to 18, MEDx participated in the 2023 MedLab Asia held at the IMPACT Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand--the first overseas exhibition for MEDx,which means a new turning point in the MEDx’s strategic pace towards globalization! MEDLAB is a leading international trade fair in the branch of medical devices, Nearly 7,500+ visitors, 2,000+ delegates and 300+ exhibitors from 50+ countries attended the exhibition, including more than 190 Chinese exhibitors. This is an unmissiable opportunity for MEDx to explore the latest trends and innovations, establishing connections with industry leaders. Join the large crowd at MEDx Booth to learn more!

 Booth Highlights

As a leader of Companion Diagnostics Total-Solution Providers, MEDx made a significant impact during the exhibition, showcasing its total CDx solutions and CDx/IVD products(8 CE-certified products and more than 15 RUO products). The professional team led by Dr. Tang Jun, Vice president of MEDx received customers from more than 20 countries at MEDx booth, including India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, etc. They talked face-to-face with many industry leaders and experts, engaged in-depth interactive exchanges and business negotiations. The atmosphere was warm and popular. During the exhibition, the PCR and NGS reagent kits, and NGS testing service got lots of attention, especially BCR-ABL(PCR), Pan-MPN(PCR),Med1CDx (NGS) and MSI (PCR).

Meanwhile, MEDx actively "go out", keeped up with overseas trends, tried to seize market opportunities, and brought users more than expected experience, which aroused wide concern! It is gratifying that dozens of customers have established initial intention of cooperation with MEDx after in-depth communication and negotiation, and the two parties have established a partnership towards MEDx's CDx products and international CDT testing services. It is believed that more and more overseas customers will pay attention to MEDx in the future.


At MEDx Booth, MEDx also prepared a variety of Chinese characteristic gifts, and customers who came to MEDx Booth highly recognized the brand, products and services of MEDx.


The Medlab Asia exhibition has been successfully completed. For MEDx, each stop is a new starting point. In the future, MEDx will continue to uphold the concept of " Companion Diagnostics for Precision Medicine ", joining hands with more pharmaceutical companies, as well as customers in clinical and scientific research fields to develop more innovative diagnostic technologies and products,to enable healthcare more precise.

MEDx looks forward to meeting with you next time!

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