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MEDx and illumina jointly promote gene sequencing technology to help global new drug research
Nov. 23 2023

    In the development process of innovative drugs, the accompanying diagnosis is like a indicating lamp, which not only speeds up the efficiency of research and development, but also improves the success rate. In recent years, with the continuous innovation and iteration of gene sequencing technology, sequencing efficiency and cost have achieved a leap breakthrough at the speed of "supermoore's law", the model of traditional drug research and development is constantly being updated, and precision medicine has also ushered in a stage of rapid development.

 As a leader in the overall solution of companion diagnosis, MEDx Translational Medicine was invited to participate in the fourth stop of the "Gathering Force Innovation, Drawing a new picture of Cancer Medical Care - illumina Medical Innovation Series Salon" recently held in Shanghai. At the meeting, Dr. Pang Zhenguo, Director of MEDx Translational Medicine Molecular Center, shared the report entitled "Sharing of illumina Pharmaceutical Company Service Experience based on illumina TSO500".

   Dr. Pang made a comprehensive introduction on the company's development overview, business model, research and development team, platform advantages, project experience and other aspects. Major Medical has three major businesses: comprehensive translational medicine technology to support drug clinical transformation, companion diagnostic product (CDx) development and drug guidance testing. At present, it has integrated technology platforms of genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, pathomics, big data and AI, equipped with a number of sequencers such as NovaSeq6000,HiSeqXTen,NextSeq500,10 xGenomics, and established mature methodologies. Comprehensive central laboratory testing services can be provided to sponsors and patients.

  • Dr. Pang said that up to now, MEDx has accumulated more than 650 international projects and 250 current clinical trial projects, covering more than 10 countries such as the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has established international cooperative laboratories in the United States, Singapore and Australia.

  • Pang Bo said that the Molecular Center has accumulated rich experience in testing CGT clinical projects, including IIT trials, preclinical and phase I clinical projects, and the project experience covers CAR-T, TCR-T, TIL, CAR-NK, oncolytic viruses, mRNA vaccines and other innovative drugs. We independently developed a comprehensive solid tumor sequencing product Med1CDx (601Genes) to guide clinical drug use in solid tumors. And HEMECDx hematoma panoramic sequencing and other products to help achieve precision medicine.

  • At the same time, Dr. Pang also emphasized that since the introduction of illumina TruSight™Oncology500 (TSO500) products, Major Medical has accumulated rich experience and technical capabilities in the Sino-US joint clinical program for innovative drugs, and has achieved promising results in a number of detection protocol cases.

  In the future, MEDx Translational Medicine will continue to promote the strategic partnership with illumina, relying on the perfect quality system of MEDx Translational Medicine Center laboratory, professional technology and services in clinical testing, and strong alliance with illumina high-performance products.The two sides will integrate resources based on their respective platforms and technological advantages.Help the global research and development of new drugs to benefit more patients.

About MEDx Translational Medicine

    MEDx Translational Medicine Research (Suzhou) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: MEDx Medicine) was established in 2013, formerly known as QIAGEN Translational Medicine Research Center. As a leader in total solutions for companion diagnostics, MEDx Translational Medicine has three businesses: comprehensive translational medicine technology to support clinical transformation of drugs, companion diagnostic product (CDx) development and drug guidance testing. Based on the integrated technology platform of genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, pathomics, big data and AI, first-class product development team and perfect R&D process, as well as perfect quality system (covering CAP, ISO13485, CNAS/ISO17025, GMP and GSP), MEDx Medicine focuses on targeted therapy, Clinical translational research of immunotherapy and cell/gene therapy enabling drugs and development of corresponding accompanying diagnostic products to support precision medicine after the drug is marketed. MEDx Translational Medicine has partnered with more than 300 innovative drug companies and technology companies worldwide, and has developed and validated hundreds of biomarkers and methodologies to support hundreds of drug clinical trials. Up to now, a total of 20+ products have been approved by the drug administration, covering solid tumors and blood tumors, including the first approved JAK2-V617F mutation detection kit and PDL-1 detection kit for immunotherapy in China; As well as 8 CE certified products and more than 10 other clinically needed products. At the same time, MEDx Translational Medicine has more than 40 CDx/IVD product pipelines in research, 10 are in clinical trials, and an AI-assisted interpretation software is being declared and is expected to get Class II registration certificate by the end of the year. Based on the original integrated business model, MEDx Translational Medicine has rapidly developed into an innovative enterprise of integrated diagnostic solutions in China, solving the pain points of innovative drug research and development and patients' medication pain points, and helping precision medicine.

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