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Med1CDx Panel Kit (NGS)

This assay has been developed with selected 601 tumor-related genes that cover all the genes of both FDA-approved FoundationOne panel and MSK-IMPACT panel. It can detect the mutation and fusion of the genes to predict the response to a targeted therapy for cancer patients, and can screen MSI, TMB and TNB in all solid tumors to assess the efficacy of tumor immunotherapy as well. The Med1CDx kit is intended to screen cancer patients who may benefit from the drugs selected, thereby leading to precision medicine.


The application of the genes derived from the Panels of FoundationOne and MSK-IMPACT has been certified by the two major FDA-approved institutions.


The entire detection coverage area: all exons, some introns, and other important hotspots of 601 genes.  

All types of genetic variation: point mutation, insertion and deletion, copy number variation, fusion, rearrangement, and other forms of variation.

Full immunotherapy markers: tumor mutational burden (TMB)*, tumor neoantigen (TNB), microsatellite instability (MSI), combined with PD-L1* detection, etc.

Full targeted drug genes: all FDA and NMPA-approved targeted drug-related genes and the genes-targeting drugs under investigation.

Complete Rare Variation: Comprehensively detect rare variants such as NTRK, FGFR, EGFR-KDD, etc, and identify the benefit population in a wide range.


High sequencing depth: tissue 5000X, blood 10000X, accurate scanning of low-frequency variants.

High sensitivity: 1% in tissue, 0.5% in blood, higher than traditional next-generation sequencing detection.  

The proportion of tumor cells was assessed by HE staining.

Distinguish germline and somatic mutations.

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