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OncoCDx Panel Kit (NGS)

OncoCDx Panel is a pan-solid tumor panel product independently developed by MEDx Translational Medicine. This assay uses Probe-Based Hybridization Capture and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology for the detection of gene mutations, such as point mutations, insertion/ Deletion, copy number variation, fusion/rearrangement, and other mutation types. To meet clinical needs, MEDx provides patients with a cost-effective genetic testing in order to direct clinicians to select right medicine for a right patient, called personalized medicine involving targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy for the cancers.

The detection area and function of this assay are shown in Figure 1

Advantages of pan-solid tumor 191-gene mutation detection product:

【Certification】Refer to NCCN, CSCO, and other institutional guidelines and unified consensus, including all the drug genes with clear clinical significance.

【Precise】The industry's highest sequencing depth, and low-frequency loci not missed.

【Cost-effective】Gene detection can be performed at the initial diagnosis, postoperation, relapse and drug resistance stages of cancers, and real-time gene mutation results can be obtained.

【Assure】Has an exclusive genetic counseling team to provide each customer with personalized genetic testing report with interpretation.

【comprehensive】Full-featured: One-time detection can be used to guide targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy for cancers, as well as  to analyze hereditary tumors.

Comprehensive sites: detection of 191 tumor-related genes with all-exon regions, rare targets are not missed.

【high quality】The best raw materials: imported raw materials are used for testing to ensure the quality of testing from the primary cancers.

Strict quality control: HE staining and white blood cell control detection, to fully guarantee the quality of the test.

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