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Clinical Trials

With comprehensive technology platforms of genomics, proteomics, cytomics, and pathology, MEDx is capable to provide a one-stop solution for drug clinical trials including biomarker discovery, validation, as well as PK/PD/ADA bioanalysis. MEDx Central Lab has served more than 200 pharmaceutical companies and is conducting  approximately 300 clinical trial projects including about 15% global trials.
With the four technical centers (molecular center, bioanalysis center, cell biology center, and pathology center), MEDx Central Lab enables innovation of drug research and development.

Molecular Center
PCR/NGS/Bioinformatic/Genetic counseling
TargetingOne TD-1
ABI 3500
NovaSeq 6000
Bioanalysis Center
PK/PD/ADA/WB/Other Molecules
SpectraMax M5
MSD S600
Bio-Rad V3
QuickPlex SQ 120
Automated Liquid Hling Platform
Cell Biology Center
Flow Cytometry/Cellular Functions
BD FACSCanto II (10-Color Configuration)
10x Genomics
C1single cell auto prep system

Pathology Center
DAKO Autostainer Link 48
PE The Vectra® 3 automated quantitative pathology imaging system
BenchMark Ultra
Leica Bond RX

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