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MEDx has multicolor flow cytometry services with significant experience supporting various clinical trials at different drug development stages.Flow cytometry is a powerful and versatile analytical technology used in novel drug discovery and development, as well as in clinical diagnostic services. MEDx scientists with flow cytometry expertise and deep clinical knowledge provide complete flow cytometry solutions and support for complex assay development in CAP or GxP environment, serving with validated flow assays to support new drug development in clinical trials. With the capacity offering off-the-shelf flow cytometry assays as well as developing high complex flow cytometry solutions, MEDx laboratory is the right partner of biopharmaceutical companies to meet medical challenges and to provide comprehensive biomarker solutions.

The dedicated flow cytometry scientists play a key role ensuring high quality results and consistent flow cytometry services. MEDx laboratory also provides cell-based assays. Lab instrumentation includes:

• BD FACSCanto Plus 3-laser, 10-color Flow Cytometers;

• BD FACS Diva; BD FACS CantoTM Clinical Software;

• BD FCAP ArrayTM Software;

• FlowJo

Capability overview

Representative Testing Manual

CD Markers

PD-1 RO test

Specific antibody phenotype and receptor occupancy detection

CD3, CD4, CD8, CD45RA, CCR7, PD-1, IgG4, Zombie(dead and alive)

PD-1 RO test

Specific antibody phenotype and receptor occupancy detection

CD3、CD4、CD8、CD45RA、IgG4、Zombie(dead and alive)

PD-L1 RO test

PD-L1 receptor occupancy detection


LAG-3 RO test

Specific antibody phenotype and receptor occupancy detection

CD3、CD4、CD8、CD45RA、CCR7、IgG4、LAG-3、Zombie(dead and alive)

Human immune cell subset test

Human immune cell subsets detection (Percentage and absolute)


MCL test (panel1)

Human mantle cell lymphoma phenotype detection (Panel 1) 

CD45、CD19、CD20、CD5、CD200、CD10、L/D(dead and alive)

MCL test (panel 2)

Human mantle cell lymphoma phenotype detection (Panel 2) 

CD45、CD19、CD20、CD5、CD23、FMC7、Lambda、Kappa、L/D(dead and alive)

Macrophage M1/M2 test

M1/M2 macrophage phenotype detection


Car X test

TBNK subgroup and Car X detection

CD45、CD3、CD4、CD8、CD19、CD56、Car X、L/D(dead and alive)

T、NK、NKT test

T,NK, NKT subgroups and related immune checkpoint detection

CD3、CD4、CD8、CD56、CD69、PD-1、PD-L1、CTLA-4、Granzyme B,


Human lymphocyte subset detection (Percentage & absolute)



Human Treg subgroups detection in human peripheral blood (FoxP3)

CD45、CD3、CD4、CD8、CD25、FoxP3、Zombie(dead and alive)


Treg subgroups detection in human peripheral blood (CD127)

CD45、CD3、CD4、CD8、CD25、CD127、Zombie(dead and alive)

PD-1, Ki-67, Treg test

PD-1, KI67, and Treg subgroups detection in human peripheral blood

CD45、CD3、CD4、CD8、CD25、FoxP3、Zombie(dead and alive) 、PD-1、Ki-67

Immune cell subset test

Human immune cell subsets detection

PD-1、CD3、Zombie Yellow、CD8、 CD112R、CD45、ICOS、TIM3、CD4、CD103

Immune cell subset test

Human immune cell subsets detection

CX3CR1,CD3,Zombie yellow,CD8,HVEM,CD45,CD183,CTLA-4,CD4

Immune cell subset test

Human immune cell subsets detection

CD3、Zombie yellow、CD4、CD45、HLA-DR,、CD8

PD-L1 EX Vivo test

PD-L1 detection after PBMC In vitro stimulation

CD3、Zombie yellow、CD4、CD45、HLA-DR,、CD19, CD56, PD-L1

Treg/NK/NKT test

Treg,NK, NKT subgroups detection

L/D, CD3, CD4, CD127, CD45, CD56, CD25, CD8

Car T test

Car T detection

CD45、CD3、CD14、Car T、L/D(dead and alive)

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